Bazikara Farring "Baz"

A Dwarf Cleric of Saranrae who has seen enough of war to last a lifetime.


Baz is Deceased, Lost to this world at a night raid by Orcs


“War, War never changes. I have seen more than my fair share of war, I have looked into war’s ugly face and somehow made it out to live to tell about it.” Bazikara Farring

Bazikara or Baz as he is more commonly referred was born of merchant class dwarf parentage in the dwarf capitol city of Janderhoff. His parents had converted to worship of the “Dawn Flower” Sarenrae due to an illness that would later claim the mother’s life. Saranrae’s temple and faith was a new one to Janderhoff at the time as only recently been established by a traveling human missionary. But it brought calm to Baz’s father and him, even after the disease claimed his mother. However when Baz was but a boy of 16 a siege of the city would eventually cause an assault that breached the walls and raiding orcs inside the city walls would kill Baz’s father right in front of his eyes, and slash him across the face leaving him for dead and scarring Baz for life. The orcs were more interested in the goods inside his father’s shop anyways fine quality crossbows, axes, and armor was taken that day. When Baz awoke he had a burning rage inside of him which he only partially learned to control from his local priest. However only a few years later, another war was upon the city of Janderhoff, this time with a rivaling nation who wanted to capture and thus control all the trade of Janderhoff. Baz was pulled into service of the military but it was soon discovered during training that Baz didn’t always have the stomach for killing. He had no problems when faced with the idea of fighting orcs or goblins, however fighting other dwarves or humans detested him. It was soon found out by an accident on the crossbow range that Baz would go under fire to reach an injured trainee to pull him to safety, thus earning him a place in the army as a combat medic. He would return to train under the priest of Sarenrae to learn the ways of the healing cleric. Once he had completed his training with the priest, he would be shipped off to the front lines of the war. Where the atrocity and tragedy that he saw there would reignite his burning rage, and despite his detest at killing others of his race, he would sometimes strike out with magic directed at the “enemy”. But he mainly went under fire pulled his brothers out of harm’s way and did his best to heal them and keep them alive. The war eventually ended and Baz returned to Janderhoff, where he trained under the famous dwarf phalanx fighter Eberk Shieldslam. He did this not to improve his combat prowess, but to learn to bear the weight of the heaviest of armors and the biggest of shields to give him a better chance to get to his wounded allies and save all he could. Three years later a charismatic leader would lead a horde of hobgoblins and orcs to once again siege Janderhoff, and Baz was sent to the wall to fight the war yet again. After a bloody two month siege the dwarves had won, but this war reminded Baz too much of the one that occurred when he was 16, but before he could make preparations to leave this city, it once again fell under attack and he was pressed back into service for a war which would last five long years. After the war had ended Baz didn’t even return to Janderhoff. He simply took his gear and left heading south towards the human lands. Baz took up the life of an adventurer to make a living, and living by the moral code that he will not kill another dwarf or humanoid unless he is forced into it, or they are trying to kill his compaions. However the denizens of evil are fair game, because of the atrocities that they are capable of committing. Baz spent many of his early adult years working around the city of Korvosa, but after finding what he believes to be corruption inside the temple of Saranrae where he had been serving as a priest, but unable to prove it and feeling in danger for his life, Baz chartered a ship to take him to Magnamar. Baz has only lived in Magnamar and the surrounding region for about 2 years, and finds work where he can, whether adventuring or in service to Saranrae in some capacity. Baz is wise beyond his years and of average intelligence, however his long service in a military role has cost him many wounds and he bears many many scars, therefore most people that see his face out from underneath his helmet, would probably describe him as ugly with the most prominent scar being the one that runs all the way across his face from one ear to the cheek on the other side, the one he received from a marauding orc so many years ago. Baz isn’t quite sure what he seeks in life anymore, although he knows he doesn’t want to be forced into fighting in another war, as he has seen enough of it.

Bazikara Farring "Baz"

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