Elysia "Silverstring" of Sand Point

A Half-Elf bard who makes her way in the world playing her mandolin, which also conceals her spellcasting.


Elysia is Deceased, lost to this world by a night raid of Orcs


Elysia was born of mixed parentage obviously being a half-elf, but due to the taboo of the father having a half-elf daughter he kept her mother and her secret until it no longer could be kept a secret. And Elysia and her mother were forced to move to a nearby village where they were well taken care of, but Elysia never really got to know her father, she just knows that he was some noble from sandpoint. While living in this small hamlet she was persecuted by the human children for being different, and many of the adults didn’t care for her elf mother either for that matter. But Elysia was always able to find a calm place in music and she learned how to sing, even if her voice talent wasn’t that spectacular. Her mother found an instructor who was willing to teach her to play a mandolin and Elysia fell in love with the instrument. Her mother would save for years and finally buy her a very expensive mandolin, to which she would start traveling around the local towns and performing for people, until she ran into a patron at one tavern who despised elves and decided that he didn’t want to listen to the “stinkin elf whore” so he smashed the instrument. Elysia returned home broken hearted. And eventually worked up the funds to buy another mandolin, from that point on when she went to entertain she would always try to hide her elven parentage, sometimes working very well other times not. And while most people around sandpoint are friendly towards elves there are many who are not. She would eventually travel back to Sandpoint itself and perform at the inns in the city, but mainly the rusty dragon, as Ameiko the owner there was always kind towards her, and who would give her the nickname that she keeps “silverstring”. She started attending the services at the temple of Desna and took to the faith right away. Desna taught her to seek out and see what of the world she could while she was alive so she began to travel the world more. Elysia was sad to hear that the temple of Desna in sandpoint burned down and came back to perform several days just to generate funds for charity to help rebuild the temple. Upon heading towards the rough town of Riddleport she met an elf along the way who was also a musician and he taught her about what he called the true ways of magic. And how the songs themselves could be used as the vocal components for spellcasting. This fascinated Elysia who traveled with and learned what she could from him for several years. This musician gave her an excellent gift, a magical amulet that could let her appear as fully human or fully elf depending on what part of the world she was traveling in, although the people she regards as friends just see her for who she is. She returned to sandpoint, and under the guise of human has come to have many fans in the city. She mainly travels now between Magnamar and Sandpoint doing whatever adventuring she can and earning money along the way by playing her mandolin. Elysia was at sandpoint in her human guise for the reopening of the temple of Desna, and was appalled by the goblin attack there, and was very lucky to have made it out alive. She is currently traveling looking for news as to the source of the attack on the city and got a lead that took her back to Magnamar.

Elysia "Silverstring" of Sand Point

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