Otheyum the "Relentless"

A Cavalier/Inquisitor representing the temple of Iomedae


Deceased! Slain fighting Shadow Demons in a temple devoted to dark gods. A true champion in the eyes of Iomedae, he will be missed.


The Half-Elf son of two previous adventurers, a human female fighter, and an elf fighter/druid Otheyum never had the opportunity to meet his father. Otheyum grew up in a very small hamlet where his mother was the village protector, this is also the person who he received his early combat training from and where he got his Elysian bronze bastard sword. Upon reaching the age of 16 Otheyum’s mother told him the story about how her previous adventuring party fell under attack by a very powerful devil who was too much of a match for them and after killing 3 other party members and his mother disabled from wounds, the devil offered if Otheyum’s father would willingly give his body to him as a vessel so he could leave the underground area he was stranded in, he would allow his mother to live with the child inside of her. The father unaware she was pregnant with his child accepted to save his lover/child. Then upon reaching his 18th birthday Otheyum’s mother came to him and said “a familiar evil” to her had returned and she had to confront it alone. Otheyum found his mother’s body and sword two days later slain. After burying his mother he left the hamlet and traveled around awhile taking care of horses to pay his way, having always had a love for horses this was natural work for him. This occurred for several more years until he came into the employ of the stables of the Cavalier order for the temple of Iomedae, to which he was later drafted into after seeing he had some talent with sword and shield and horses. Later due to his stalwart resolve and somewhat harsh attitude towards enemies of the faith he was also drafted into the temple’s elite order of inquisitors where Otheyum remains ever vigilant, and always searching for his possessed father. Because if he cannot free his father from the devil’s hold, then he at least owes him the honor of being slayed so he cannot remain in it’s evil grips!

Otheyum the "Relentless"

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